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from Strong Made Simple, San Diego Personal Trainer

5 San Diego Parks For Bodyweight Exercise

In some of the past posts we pointed out places in San Diego you could take your workout outside the gym with stair sprints. Keeping with the theme of getting you out outdoors more, I’ve put together a compilation of San Diego parks where outdoor exercise equipment is available. Outdoor exercise equipment is like a playground for adults and it enables exercisers to get some fresh air and build strength with a greater variety of bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, and calisthenics.


Triactive America - Outdoor Fitness and Exercise Equipment


Weighted Vest - As you go along that might be something you would consider | #recommended #calisthenics

CROS101 40 Lbs Weighted Vest - Your workouts will have an added resistance and a new feel to it, which will increase your strength and endurance. The Weight Vest is very compact, sturdy and tightens up onto your body.


Two examples of how to make a hamstring exercise device plus a Hamstring Exercise Tutorial -

▶ 20 Exercises on a Pull Up Bar - YouTube Some of these are totally insane but there's a lot of good moves to work up to-windsheid wipers etc.


20 Health & Fitness Gadgets That Actually Work

20 Fitness Gadgets That Actually Work. #fitness #technology


Gym rings, I've missed you. One of my favourite equipments. I do love calisthenic training because it targets muscles that you don't regularly hit when you're in the gym lifting weights. My first love for training was body weight exercises. I fell deep into calisthenic and wanted to achieve what I thought was the impossible at the time and I wanted to prove myself that I could do it! I'm now mixing up my training to keep versatile. #natural #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #aesthetic #gains…