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"We should start referring to "Age" as "Levels”, So "I'm at level 32" sounds more badass than just being an old person."


if you're my friend, it's more likely to be ho, bitch, babe, nerd, weirdo, idiot, sexy, beautiful, child, dear, love, etc...but if I don't know you I guess I'd be forced to use the ones on the post 😅😅 but I prob. wouldn't be talking to someone I don't know that well anyway. also I refuse to use mate. just no. ew. animals engaging in coitus is the only acceptable use for the word mate.

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Using Animations To Improve User Experience

Using animations to improve user experience is a great strategy, but only for designers that know how to do animations the right way. The reason why animations are so great is that you can use them to communicate all sorts …


Rainsong Hybrid H-WS1000N2 Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Rainsong primarily makes Carbon Fiber guitars. This one is called a Hybrid because it uses a combination of Carbon fiber and Glass fiber construction - there are no tonewoods in this guitar. According to Rainsong Glass fibers soften the crystalline Carbon tone to provide a mellow yet resonant sound. For a detailed Guide to Acoustic Guitars see


Aww and then there's sehun who has everyone saved informally