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Medieval slavic tribes around 800 CE before Vikings, Magyars, Pechenegs invaded. Tribes included are Ilmen Slavs - (called "Slovenes" or "Slovenians" in some sources), Krivichs, Polochans, Radimichs, Vyatichs (called "Oka Basin Slavs" in some sources), Dregovichs, Volhynians, Drevlyans, Polans (eastern) (Polianians to avoid confusion with the Polans of Poland), Severians, Buzhans, Ulichs, Tiverians. Also included are Lendians and White Croats, who are not East Slavic, but in the area.


Freyja (sometimes anglicized as Freya) is a major goddess in Germanic paganism, particularly in its late form, Norse paganism, where numerous surviving tales either involve or feature her. While there are some sources[2] suggesting that Freyja was called on to bring fruitfulness to fields or wombs, in the Eddas, she was portrayed as a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.


Caillech, called the Veiled One, is the Celtic Great Goddess in her Destroyer aspect. She is invoked for disease, plague, cursing, and wheat.


Here is another version of the 2 wolves story. Some sources said it's not a Cherokee legends. Regardless, it's a very wise story.