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Calories In Pita Bread

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Make your own whole wheat pita bread - only 100 calories each!

There's nothing like Pita bread made fresh in your own kitchen. This is only 100 calorie whole wheat pita bread! I'm definitely trying this today

Why is it better? Technically, there’s really no bread that’s “good” for you…and ideally, if you’re going to eat bread it should be sprouted grain or spelt bread since neither are processed and they offer the most amount of vitamins & nutrients. However, sprouted and spelt bread can be pricing and difficult to find. So next time you’re having a sandwich, consider opting for pita bread instead of sliced white bread. Pita bread has less calories than white bread and is low in fat.

Pita bread is a soft and thin flat bread, consumed in the Near East and Middle East as well as in Southern Europe and the Balkans.

Joseph's Low Carb Pita Bread only 2 weight watchers points+ for an entire bread and it's huge and very filling. They are available in Walmart near the deli

(2) Conclusion By a narrow-though-decisive margin, REGULAR BREAD IS THE HEALTHIER OPTION for making sandwiches. While the salt content is somewhat worrisome in the same serving of both pita as well as regular bread, regular bread just doesn't have as many waist-busting carbs in a comparable serving, and it has MORE FIBRE, which is GREAT for BOWEL MOVEMENTS, among other things. If you use regular bread for a sandwich, remember to use WHOLE WHEAT instead of white.

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Bagels, English Muffins and Pita Bread!! - 1 Point Value

with just 110 calories you can actually enjoy a bagel without the guilt that comes with it. It’s also packed with 7g of heart healthy fiber, making it a 1 Weight Watcher Point Bagel! And it comes in 5 different flavors: Country White, Roasted Onion, Sweet Wheat, Very Blueberry, and Cinnamon Spice! Ya gotta love Western Bagel for this.