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Cambodian Desserts

(Husband Killers) - This is a Cambodian snack composed of glutinous rice flour, palm sugar and grated coconut. The story is....once there was a newly wed couple. One morning husband went to work and the wife decided to make a treat for her hubby. He quickly popped one in his mouth but it was still too hot and he ate too fast he started choking. However, he wanted look "manly" in front of his new wife so he acted like nothing happened and tried to swallow it down....sadly he didn't make it…


Cambodian Glutinous Rice Mung Bean Dessert (Banh Chanoeuk) Mom's favorite! I need to learn how to flavor the coconut milk from her.

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Cambodian Dessert: Sweet Rice Mango (Easy to Make Recipe)

"Sues'day." That means "hello" in Khmer (aka Cambodian) and since Cambodian New Years is right around the corner, I thought I'd share with you all on how to make one of my favorite Cambodian desserts; which is the easy to make -- but delicious --...