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Cameroon camer

Cacao pods, (known locally as chocolo), rainforest of Cameroon. Photo: ToSStudio, via Flickr

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Cameroon Food: Soya - this is the best. Never visit Cameroon without having some of these. Here are a few pictures of some of our delicacies. As you can see, Cameroon food varies from place to place. And yes, you will find millions of delicacies

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Many of the Fulani have taken a more sedentary life and in addition to herding they farm. The farming is mostly a subsistence type of raising crops. Those in Western Niger mostly farm millet, a fairly nutritious grain which grows well in the hot dry climate.

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Africa | Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) rain forest species, Cameroon and Gabon | ©Martin Harvey

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#Cameroun: Encore des morts dans des affrontements entre policiers et population à Bamenda :: CAMEROON - Cameroun:… 57244 15:1 un-gendarme-corrompu-pris-en-flagrant-delit-quelle-honte-pour-le-cameroun-regardez-cameroon.html