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Bernie Sanders stands with standing rock. Even if you did not vote or voted for him. Sanders has been the only one to come several times to standing rock, has spoke with the people, been in our camps, and is helping all he can.

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As Obama Pushes For Minimum Wage Increase, Billionaire Charles Koch Rails Against It With Media Campaign

War on Workers... Keep you Poor, Workers are easier to manipulate!! In an interview w/ The Wichita Eagle on Tuesday, Charles Koch said that doing away with the Federal Min. Wage requirement in the United States would benefit the poor. According to Mr. Koch, who is the CEO of Koch Industries, a multi-billion dollar mega-corporation who has its Fat-Greedy Paws in about everything, including Puppet Politicians’ pocketbooks!!

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I Was Wrong About Bernie Sanders, And So Is Barney Frank And His Fellow Clintonistas

I Was Wrong About Bernie Sanders, And So Is Barney Frank and His Fellow Clintonistas | Miles Mogulescu

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Stick with Bernie Sanders. Do not be foiled by the Hillary camp. She pulled these same tricks of claiming a win during her run against President Obama. #VOTE4Bernie! #NotWithHillary

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The 1% are for WARS to make MONEY, and the NEW Republican Party Helps - Vote the GOP OUT

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Hey, the GOP really wanted SOMEONE to embody Hitler. Looks like they found their guy.

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and even AFTER being cheated of his rightful place as Democratic nominee for President, Bernie STILL continued AND continueS to fight for the American people & for global justice! That's MY PRESIDENT! #BERNIE #OurRevolution Continues!

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