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Sanders camp slams Debbie Wasserman Schultz for 'throwing shade'

Hillary is not winning by huge numbers--Right now, in spite of the shocking success of Bernie’s campaign, 93% of superdelegates who have made their votes clear are backing Clinton. Again, the hype about them supporting Clinton because of the popular vote is a lie. If 93% of them were supporting Bernie right now, in addition to those already in his camp, Bernie would have 2,019 delegates and Hillary would have 1,807. #StillSanders #KeepFighting #He'sTheOne


Bernie Sanders raises $1.9 million off attacks from Hillary Clinton's camp

Senator Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, left, spoke as Hillary Clinton looks during a presidential debate in October.

Clinton Camp Goes Negative on Bernie Sanders for First Time | Alternet - We've been waiting for this. Distortions and lies are all the corporatists (on both the faux left and right) have.

wikiLeaks: hillary camp wanted fewer primary voters. yep only the 1%. only 9% total americans voted in primary, still there were too many bernie supporters for hillary to "win". so she cheated...

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Bernie Sanders's Plan to Tame Wall Street Riles Clinton Camp

Millions of Americans saw "The Big Short" over the holidays. The blockbuster movie, based on th...