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I have a master list, organized by bin, that I keep a sheet protector, so I can easily refer to it when packing or at the camp site. Each bin is also labeled with a two-sided label that has the name of the bin on the front and the contents of the bin on the back.


Stanley Fatmax 22 in. Structural Foam Roll Workshop Tool Box

FatMax Stanley tool chest on wheels. Use this for car camping. Organizes items: kitchen, bath supplies, things that don't need refrigeration to keep bugs away. On wheels is good for fest!


Start a camping notebook. Circle the good campsites on campground map. Great reference for when its time to book a site next time.


Dishwashing tip for camping- I took a dollar store sponge and cut it into pieces. Poured dish detergent over them and allowed the pieces to dry. Placed the mini sponges into a ziploc bag. Good to go for our trip! I tossed the sponge after each wash. No need for a bottle of detergent and no smelly sponge lying around our campsite with bears nearby. Win!