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Winter Storm Survival: How to Stay Warm and Survive the Cold

Warming A Room | Winter Storm Survival: How to Stay Warm and Survive the Cold

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12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves — When in a survival situation pretty much anything and everything can be upcycled into something that can aide you in surviving. Over at Creek shows us 12 survival hacks that we can use just by using leaves.

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The Top 20 Fire Starters On Earth?

Top 20 fire starters infographic

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Build a Stealth Fire Pit That Won't Draw Unwanted Attention

While you can't stop the smell, smoke, and light of an open fire completely, it's possible to minimize it by digging a Dakota fire hole. via @urbanalan

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On Self-Sufficiency

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How To Bug-in and Survive — During a bugging in or hunkering down scenario a person will stay at home and will do everything necessary to survive a crisis. If you have everything you need in your home in order to ride out the storm, there is no need to go outside and test your chances on the road.

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Primitive Living Skills: How To Make a Bow and Arrow — If you live self-sufficiently, you know how much time is spent on getting food for the family. Gardening and livestock management stay at the top of your priority list, since one bad season can lead to disaster.

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How To Use Sugar To Heal Wounds

It might surprise you to learn that sugar isn't just for sweetening food; it can also be used to help wounds heal faster.

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Find True North Without a Compass

wikiHow to Find True North Without a Compass

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Knowing how to make and use fish snares could mean the difference between starvation and survival. Use auto-fishing to feed your family. via @

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