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Canadian Law

Understanding the True Difference Between Tort and Criminal Law

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Canada's Three Levels of Government Freebie is intended to acquaint students with the federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal governments which govern Canada, as well as the various responsibilities and government officials of each level. This 2 page resource includes a chart for students to record their research about the names of the officials and their local representatives for each level.

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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms enshrines our individual and collective rights in a legally binding manner.

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Constitutional Law - Canadian

This Canadian constitutional law study guide provides anyone seeking a better understanding of the complexities, with useful and well organized tools.

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Ontario Elementary Level Curriculum Checklists

A set of easy to use elementary grade curriculum checklists for Ontario that are sorted by grade level, including all current editions of each subject.

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GRADE 5: SOCIAL STUDIES: People and Environments: Teaching Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Government Charter of Me Activity (charter of rights and freedoms) Lesson plans, handouts, unit plans. Would use these as a basis for planning unit.

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Parliament has three parts: the Monarch (our Head of State, represented by the Governor General), the Senate and the House of Commons. These three parts work together to decide on policies and laws and examine the pressing issues of the day.

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