@lovinnlife43 I'm not usually a super girly girl when it comes to clothing....but PRETTY DRESSES are the exception ^_^

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Blondellamy'Dean is a boutique just for Curvy Girls. Sizes 10-36. Use coupon code: pin10 for 10% off your first purchase.

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This is a great Forbes article! Article talks a little about the possible future of Netflix shying away from subscriptions and movie distribution and moving into a new field of content licensing. Of course, producing your own content is frightening, will Netflix get the loyal viewers they are looking for or will people become opportunistic viewers who eventually cancel accounts once they get what they want?

How to Declutter Your Social Media | Families.com - Want to start off the new year with a nicer, happier, more interesting online experience? One way to do it is to take the time to declutter your social media. Keep the connections that add value to your life and get rid of the rest. You might also want to cancel accounts on social media websites that you have stopped using.

The Points Guy tends to report deals before anyone else! Navigate the world of earning free travel through points and miles and finding out current deals.

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