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Watercress is a rich source of vitamin A & has lots of vitamin K, antioxidants & protective phytochemicals. Provides 4X the calcium of 2% milk. Oz. for Oz., it offers as much vitamin C as an orange & more iron than spinach. The nutrients in watercress protect against cancer & help build the immune system. The phytochemicals battle cancer in 3 ways: killing cancer cells, blocking carcinogens, & protecting healthy cells. They've also been shown to help prevent lung & esophageal cancer. #dherbs


“Bury your head in the sand” means “to ignore an unpleasant issue or problem”. Example: Stop burying your head in the sand. Look at the statistics on smoking and cancer. Get our apps for learning English:

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Eat More Red Onions: It Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Nosebleeds And Protects The Heart

Onions_you either like them or you hate them. Well, the jury is in and according to a 2010�Business Wire�survey, 87 percent of American adults like them!


Ever since my mom passed away, two years ago, Day of the Dead has taken on a new significance for my family and me. Hope these Día de los Muertos ideas inspire you to celebrate with your families and in your World Language classrooms.My mother fought breast cancer valiantly for ten years, but her body …


The Wanted Poster getting to know students in a creative way... Would be cute to send home for family to fill out first week of school.

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Queen Letizia of Spain Photos Photos: Association Against Cancer Meeting

Queen Letizia of Spain attends a meeting at the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) on January 19, 2015 in Madrid, Spain.


Flower by Spanish Photographer Pilar Azana, in support of that october - which is breast cancer awareness month!!! LOVE this. Beautiful.


in the water, a dark plume of blood blossomed by her foot; as I blinked, a thin red tendril spiraled up and curled over her pale toes, undulating in the water like a thread of crimson smoke.