This could be a cool thing to do with a cancer ribbon color. Thinking could be my next tattoo for my granny

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Cancer ribbon tattoo. Want this for my Gram who is currently fighting 3 types of cancer. In lavender though.

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Brain Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Cancer Ribbon Tattoo for my grandmother, mother, and aunt, and yes, i'd get their names with it :) but i'd have to hide it :(

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heart shaped ribbon tattoo need to incorporate lime green (lymphoma), purple (fibro and alzh), and pearl (lung ca)

Looks like i'll officially be getting a breast cancer ribbon tattooed on my body. I love this one. For my other momma..and my aunt..

Strength with ovarian cancer ribbon tattoo- with a more solid script for sure

Pink Ribbon Art Print Free Ship Breast Cancer Awareness Print Black and White Pink Ribbon 8.5 x 11 Premium Quality 80 lb Stock

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