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Candle Jar Reuse

Reuse candle jars // To make a makeup brush holder, just use coloured sand or pebbles (the smaller the better as it will be easier to place brushes into) and fill up the jar. Probably could use epsom salts too.

DIY: 5 Ways to Reuse Your Diptyque Candle Jars

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    It sounds like a win-win to us. ;) Have a fabulous day, Amy! - Amanda

  • amy stone

    Half the reason for buying diptyque is to reuse the jar, in my opinion!

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    We're delighted that you like this idea. Enjoy your Monday, Anto! - Sam

Reused candle jars Reuse old candle jars for whatever you need. I used mine in the bathroom to store qtips,dental floss and bandaids...

Diamond Candle Jar Reuse - Candy Jar

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Old candle jar reused :). Scrapbook paper and Modge podge!! Easy and great for holding pens, makeup, jewelry, etc

Old candle jars reused as utensil holders

Reuse jar lids and make cute plates for block candles. (in Swedish) - but really you don't need the tutorial.

How to remove wax from candle jars so you can reuse them!

Reused bath and body works candle jars made by dkjewels, great idea, I am going to seriously make these, Lord knows I have enough empty jars!

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Recycled candles. Get wicks and a new jar. Put wick in new jar, wrap end around stick so it doesn't fall in. Melt old candle in/over boiling water (careful) and pour into new jar, letting cool completely. Repeat w/other old ones, cooling ea layer until it's full. Cut wick & enjoy your new candle! Combine like scents or mix and match. House will smell good just from melting down the old wax too!

Reuse old candles by melting down in pot of boiling water and then pour into new glass after placing a new wick in bottom of glass secured at top by winding around stick and have it laying on top of glass so it can not fall in wait till it hardens then layer more after each layer is good and hard. unroll stick and cut wick. this works awesome with the yankee candles I always used to feel I wasted the last 1/4 of the candle!

Wash your DC jar and get white cake mix and food coloring. The jar should only be 1/3 before going into oven and each layer consists of 3 spoonfuls of colored batter. Top with your choice or frosting and topping, light a candle, and make a wish!

How To Remove Wax From A Glass Holder

Recycle old jar lids and turn them into cute, decorative plates for your candles! |

get old bits of candle out of container - boil water, pour into jar/container, let cool COMPLETELY (this is key), the wax will loosen from the sides and you can take it right out. Don't pour water down drain - it has wax in it!


Candle jar reuse... For the folks at work! I love that these jars are sturdy enough to reuse!🎄🎁

How to Empty the Wax and Re-Use Yankee Candle Jars :: Hometalk I going to try the freezer method.