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16 Christmas Charts To Help You Survive The Holidays

Christmas Candy Guide: Save this so you don't end up burning your Christmas candy again this year.

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Candy-Making Basics: How to Work with Sugar

Working with Sugar "Dealing with sugar and all it's quirks is pretty much par for the course when it comes to making candy. The thing to remember is that sugar always wants to re-crystallize and will do so at the least provocation. The tips below will help avoid a mess of crystallized sugar when you're melting sugar into a syrup: "

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Make Classic Ribbon Candy At Home

Ribbon candy is an old-fashioned favorite. This hard candy recipe is a traditional pulled candy that can be colored and flavored in any way you like.

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How To Make Candied Orange and Lemon Peel

How To Make Candied Citrus Peel.

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Homemade Lollipops

Homemade Boozy Lollipops - Making your own crystal clear candy homemade lollipops with fun & colorful swirls is quick & easy. They are easily customizable and are perfect for birthdays, weddings & other whimsical events. Click for RECIPE.

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