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Tex Saverio Drawing inspiration from fantasy tales and ethereal characteristics of the anime art style, Tex Saverio brings an otherworldly nature to Capitol fashion. Favoring dramatic embellishments and a heavy concentration on craftsmanship and construction, his designs produce a dramatic aesthetic...

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Samsung Presents: PlumeA modern look for the modern Capitol Citizen. Created with wearability in mind, this look is perfectly suited for shopping during the day or attending a casual function in the...

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The Fashions Of "The Hunger Games" Come To Our World With New Editions Of Capitol Couture | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce

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Capitol Couture: For all you hard-core fans out there, we now have a site dedicated to Capitol fashion and HG merch. The password is #lookyourbest. Currently, it only has a main page but it is guaranteed to be updated frequently for all us HG crazies.

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