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It's according to what it is... but especially if it is an injustice or contradiction to common sense.

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Usually in the first 2 minutes, if you really want to know. You've really surprised me (either impressed or severely disappointed) if it takes 2 months...

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I am a Capricorn and this is so NOT me! I am very emotional person....I'll just let it all out! I wish I was like this quote thon

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week 11。惡魔的天使 capricorns are never satisfied with whatever they achieve. they feel like they can always do bigger and better. stronger determination. ambitious. workaholic. crazy

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♍ As a Virgo/Capricorn rising♑ the only person to ever call me out on this and even realize this is really true is my super clever smarty pants partner. I got the best INTP/INFP ♊Gemini/Aries♈ rising partner. I'm glad he knows me so well, it's a gift that I can't even explain.

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I probably could get up early if I wanted to... but I just really like staying up until my eyes burn.

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