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Captain America Civil War poster<<<<<sooooo, who's that guy at the end of Tony's line?

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I love that, in spite of everything, Tony and Rhodey's relationship is still intact. Rhodey doesn't regret his choice in Civil War and somehow still manages to tease Tony. They were a beautiful parallel of Bucky and Steve, of what they were, what they would give up, and who they would become.

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It's so funny how Scott didn't know anyone's names really, he just kinda jumped in!

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Civil war. Because Steve is still a good person- even if Tony doesn't deserve his help- he will be there

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I've waited so long for this moment!! This scene gave me chills! So happy to see them kicking butt together again. :)

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That right there is just one of the reasons why Steve Rogers is the most beautiful person in Marvel also i'M NOT SOBBING YOU ARE

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