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SHAZAM! The original Captain Marvel. He is totally awesome. The magic adult version of Billy Batson a good kid with a good heart....this is the worlds most powerful boy scout...equal in power to Superman just about.

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youngjusticer: Billy Batson was an orphan chosen to be a champion of good by a wizard who gifted Batson with the power of six legendary Greek figures, and when he spoke the wizard’s name, he became an adult hero empowered by gods. Check out Flash and Green Lantern as well. SHAZAM! Captain Marvel, by Kim Intae.

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Don't love the poster so much but at least I have something to remind me what Shazam actually stands for...

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Captain Marvel's new "Shazam!" interpretation by DC Comics. I might have to start collecting this one.

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Shazam! by naratani<---/---/---/---/--- am I the only person who still calls him Mr. Marvel

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This is kinda wrong. DC weren't aloud to use the name "Captain Marvel" on the front of any of their comics. But, they could still call him Captain Marvel within the pages of the text. So really there was no legal obligation to change his name, but they did anyway.

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