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Captain 'Merica

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My captain on his snowy horse.... Sorry, that song lyric just came to me. a new music video? I think yes!

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Movie Review: "Captain America: The First Avenger" (2011)

one of my favs. has anyone ever thought that the reason shield was named shield because since captian was the 1st avenger and his weapon thing was a shield that was the reason they called it shield?

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24 Times Tumblr Had Hilariously Great Ideas For The Avengers

"If Cap 3 isn't called <i>Captain America and Falcon: We're Up All Night To Get Bucky</i> then I'm not watching it."

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Steve Rogers in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" I AM SO READY FOR THIS MOVIE!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!

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Look like one of the Captain America Pin Ups while entertaining this summer, you'll be the most popular girl at the BBQ! :: Pin Up Apron:: Captain America dancer apron:: Patriotic 4th of July apron

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Captain 'Merica

Introducing a new superhero... Captain ‘Merica! He’s just as good as the “other” captain, with a few nuances: The other captain was given a serum that made him a “super soldier,” enhancing all of his functions to the peak of human ability. Captain ‘Merica is known to drink other people’s “wounded soldiers” (unfinished beers), which has given him a superhuman tolerance for Busch Lite. The other captain has mastered all manner of martial arts and combined them into a unique style of…

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