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Car Insurance Cost

Car insurance is required in all fifty states and while it feels like a major hassle and money-sucker, you’ll be glad you have it if you ever get in


How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

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Year-End Review: 10 Tips to Cut Car Insurance Costs

Year-End Review: 10 Tips to Cut Car Insurance Costs ~ via


Does your car insurance cost more or less than N.J. average $1,982?

The overall average cost of car insurance in 30 of New Jersey's largest cities is $1,982, and ranged from a low of $1,364 in Hillsborough to a high of $2,443 in Newark, according to a survey by Cities outside of the state's major urban areas had the lowest rates. Hunterdon only has one city, and with just a few thousand residents it was too small to qualify for the survey, as were most areas near Hunterdon. Urban drivers usually pay higher car insurance rates than those in small towns or rural areas, according to the Insurance Information Institute, because of higher rates of vandalism, theft and accidents in cities. The central New Jersey cities, said ValuePenguin, are "away from the major cities in the tri-state area and Pennsylvania. In aggregate," auto insurance costs here are 24% lower than the state average. But a number of other factors also decide premiums, so living in an area such as Hunterdon doesn't necessarily mean a family's premium will cost less. And service is an important consideration for many, such as the ability to reach an agent who can clearly explain the myriad of options, as well as how smooth the process...

7 surprising things that impact how much you pay for car insurance