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I am going to share with you a spread called "Sacred Owl" for #tarottuesday. The owl spread can be used when we want to know what is hidden from us, so that we may take flight. The owl is symbolic for wisdom and vision, and becomes our helper when we need to see clearly. Allow the sacred wisdom of the owl to guide you while doing this spread. I have also included stones as a diagram for which card goes where. Shuffle/Mix the cards face down then select 7 cards, laying them face up in the…


Card Trick Block {Tutorial} @ Buttons & Butterflies: I recommend high contrast or value fabrics for this block. Each “card” will stand out more effectively while overlapping. Too low of contrast will cause them to blend more. For the sake of the bee quilt, I am requesting white backgrounds, but I think this would be an amazing quilt with a low volume background print...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Phonics Level 2 "Stack Attack" Trick Word Game

Fundations Level 2 "Stack Attack" Trick Word Game.Instructions: Shuffle all word cards and put in a pile in the middle. Each player takes turns taking a trick word card. If he/she can read it, they get to keep it. Then it is the next persons turn. Keep stacking up cards as you read the words.

No pattern, but you can use your imagination in making this block, love the colors being used in this block!