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Montessori directionality activities - intro to geography

Montessori directionality activities: As an introduction to #geography, use these #Montessori directionality activities to teach kids about the cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) as well as how to use a compass. #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity


Cute!! Lead teachers could do a mini lesson about cardinal directions. You could play a "Pirate Says" game and teach NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST? Teachers could be the Captain: "Captain says face north! Captain says face East! Face South...captain didn't say!.. etc Put the letters N, S, E, W, on the walls so students know where to look!


Cardinal Directions Scavenger Hunt

This Cardinal Directions Scavenger Hunt worksheet would also be a good assessment for the students to complete after learning about cardinal directions in relation to maps. PP


I would additionally use this cardinal direction worksheet in my unit to assess students knowledge of their directions. I like this worksheet because it is simple and direct so that the teacher can really see if the students understand what is being taught. PP