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Cards provided

Simple STEAM Christmas Tasks

Simple STEAM Christmas tasks that can be completed with basic materials. Four free task cards included. These are great for the week before Christmas break!


A FREE printable!! Put them up where ever you'll see them. I have them in the office, kitchen, taped to the bathroom mirror & one in my car. Before you know it the words on those cards will be words in your heart to be pulled up any time the anxiety pit tries to drag you under. Enjoy them & may they provide hope to face what's ahead without worrying.


Looking for a great way to practice landform facts? These Task Cards just might be exactly what you've been searching for! These are super simple to use. A recording sheet is provided. All your student needs to do is pick which land form he wants to practice. The cards are all numbered and labeled by landform. $6


FREE MATH ACTIVITIES - Fractions FREE Grade 3 Mega Bundle Sampler - In this resource, you will find eight task cards for Grade 3 Common Core fractions. This is a sampler set from my Grade 3 Fractions Mega Bundle. You will also receive scavenger hunt directions and many other game ideas! A student response form and answer key are also provided.


FREE Author’s Purpose: These FREE task cards will be a great addition to your classroom. On each card there is a short reading passage. Students are to determine if the author’s purpose was to persuade, inform, or entertain. A response form for students and an answer key for the teacher are provided.


Most children need reminders about how to calm down safely. These free calming cards and the accompanying video provide a great way to help kids self-regulate.


Do your students need a little extra place value practice? Spark their interest with these FREE Place Value Mystery Number Cards. Can be used as a whole-group, small-group or independent activity.


Schedule Cards {Editable}

Provide your students with a visual of their day using these Editable Schedule Cards! I have included 23 editable schedule cards (text editable only). The best part is that this packet is editable so you can customize the cards for any subject area you would like! Simply click on each card and type the subject.


Preschool Color Theme Printables These printables provide children with opportunities to practice and review their basic color knowledge. Featuring printable charts, wordwall cards, bingo games, file folder games, classroom charts, bookmarks coloring pages and more. Free Preschool Printables at Preschool Mom


Freebie: Adverbs: Adverbs Task Cards - Here are 6 literacy task cards to help students practice identifying the adverb in each sentence. A student response form and answer key are also provided. There are four task cards on each page. You may also like: AdverbsTask Cards Set of 30 Adjectives Task Cards Set of 30 Task cards are a great alternative to worksheets.