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Carefully disassembled

Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan - in pictures


The Rice Grist Mill, originally constructed in 1798, was operated by four generations of the Rice family. Various uses over the years included powering a sawmill, a cotton gin, a trip hammer, and even operating a dynamo that supplied electrical lights for the Rice home in 1899. TVA purchased the land the mill stood on which was to be flooded by the building of Norris Dam. The mill was carefully disassembled and reassembled within Norris Dame State Park in Tennessee.


Light Up Your Garden With This DIY Solar Chandelier

DIY Solar Chandelier - it actually looks fairly easy to do once you have all the parts. You could, theoretically, do a bunch of different colors if you wanted.


▶ On Machine Disassembly and Reassembly of a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Tensioner - YouTube


Hatchet Job: How to Restore an Axe or Hatchet


Chair redesign by Jetske de Groot. Jetske finds old chairs, carefully disassembles them and recycles them into new chairs that reflect their past history. Jetske calls her series “Multiple Family”


Puzzle Ring, White Gold Plated, Silver, Puzzle Interlocking Ring, 4 Bands, BN012A

The Sterling Silver 4 Band puzzle ring is made with 4 separate bands which interlock, in a pattern of knot-work. This ring can be disassembled, turning it into a puzzle which must be carefully manipulated to be put back together correctly. The good news is that this ring comes already assembled. The ring is plated with white gold. Since this is a ready to ship item, it will be ready to be shipped within 3 days of payment received. ●●●●● Sizes ●●●●● Item is priced from sizes starting from 4…