Carl Zimmer is always worth reading. He blogs about topics that are mainly to do with Science but not restricted to that subject.

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If you absolutely must have a tattoo, why not consider a science ink featured in this profile on

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A Miraculous “Accident of Physics”: Carl Zimmer Explains How Feathers Evolved, Animated | Brain Pickings

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Crazy enough to be cool. For us science geeks. Now if it were only accurate. #atom #tattoos

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Science Ink: Carl Zimmer Catalogs the Tattoos of Science Nerds | Brain Pickings (if anyone EVER needs an idea of what to get me for anything - here you go). #tattoos #nerdlife

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Beware of the parasitic jewel wasp and its zombie slave, the cockroach! What are we even talking about?

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Agriculture Linked to DNA Changes in Ancient Europe (NYTimes):

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