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Carly Fiorina Age

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Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz greets supporters...

HBD Carly Fiorina September 6th 1954: age 62


Why Carly Fiorina's Business Record Upsets So Many People

Key Speakers At The Bloomberg Washington Economy Summit

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What If Women Talked Like Men In The Workplace?

And answered the age old question… are men funny? | If Men Were Treated Like Women In The Workplace With Carly Fiorina


Black Mark for Fiorina Campaign in Criticizing Yale Dean

A Yale dean who has criticized Carly Fiorina’s business career is accused of having been fired for vandalism, but the assertion doesn’t hold up.

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LIAR. Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. Relates a story about Planned Parenthood that is false. A lie. She claims to have seen footage... there is NO SUCH FOOTAGE. Check the facts people.. it is not that difficult anymore in this 'age of information'.