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Carly Fiorina Daughter

Reality Check: Marijuana Did Not Kill Fiorina's Daughter. So What Did? - Ben Swann's Truth In Media


Carly Fiorina on the Issues


Carly Fiorina today defends muslims

Carly Fiorina, Marijuana Did Not Kill Your Step-Daughter - Respectfully, Carly Fiorina, as a step-parent who lost a daughter to hard drugs, it is ironic you’d advocate for the prohibition of marijuana.

REALITY CHECK: WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS? Ben Swann on Reality Check talks one on one with President Obama and asks about the so-called Presidential Kill List. The response, as usual, is pure doublespeak.


Carly Fiorina Uses Dead Daughter for Political Agenda


Why Carly Fiorina's Business Record Upsets So Many People

Key Speakers At The Bloomberg Washington Economy Summit

Carly Fiorina sang a special song to Ted Cruz’s two daughters today after announcing that she will join Cruz on his presidential ticket.

Born At 24-Week-Old Abortion Limit Saying 'She's Not A Foetus,She's A Fu...

from Mail Online

Carly Fiorina's claims of motherhood and amazing rise under fire

The Republican hopeful has called her husband's daughter from his first marriage, who died of a drug overdose, 'their daughter' but his first wife tells Daily Mail Online: 'There are two sides.'