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Vintage Carnival Signs | Etsy :: CARNIVAL SERIES I Vintage Mixed Media Digital Art Collage 15 x ...

Doodle style amusement park or carnival equipment sketch in vector format. Includes cotton candy, ferris wheel, balloons, and ticket. by LHF...

Martha Stewartfrom Martha Stewart

Temporary Tattoo Designs

Games, balloons, and bright colors -- a carnival is just like a birthday party, but better! So why not invite kids to a carnival-themed party in your backyard or at a local park?

Cult of Weirdfrom Cult of Weird

Knife thrower - vintage photo

[General background] Knife thrower -

Ornate decorative Venetian mask surrounded by a peacock! Gorgeous! A definite want for me.

Pick a Sucker! If your sucker has a black dot on the bottom, you get a prize. If your sucker does not have a black dot, then you get to keep the sucker!

A Venetian carnival mask. there are hundreds of shop windows with these most amazing masks on display; incredibly artistic and ornate designs!

The first ride around the ring had been the hardest, everything else had been downhill after that. In the end, she had simply regretted how easy it had been to have joined the circus. Perhaps she should have followed her mother's advice and become an accountant.