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Clever Built-In Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of

Office Update

simple space.

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weareheartwood: “ Intricate stool by Mokkuku Heartwood Tumblr | Instagram ”

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I learned alot about life with that show and I'm grateful for it

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Bible Fun For Kids: Jesus Worked in the Carpenter Shop Song for Preschool

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Google Image Result for

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Trimming a room with baseboard and a minimum of perfect cuts. By following the numerical sequence, only pieces 2 and 3 require perfect cuts on both ends. The chance of error is reduced by first coping them and then holding them in place to mark their lengths. The copes are planned so that any cracks will be less obvious to people entering the room.

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Don't measure: It is more accurate to mark trim in place than to measure and then transfer numbers. It's easy to misread a ruler or to confuse numbers while walking to the saw.

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Oxen Workwear - Work Pants, Workwear, and Carpenter Pants crafted for comfort, built for performance

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