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2 read more Since there are a variety of ways of cleaning carpets, it is also important to note that there exists different carpet cleaning equipment depending on the carpet cleaning method chosen. Find out more!


Carpet Cleaning Rockford IL If your carpet is soiled and stained and you are looking for carpet cleaning in Rockford IL, you have come to the right place. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians will remove the dirt and spots as well as pathogens from your carpet using our state of the art process. Once our carpet cleaners have revitalized your carpeting.....

Carpet Shampoo Solution: 1 cup oxiclean 1 cup febreeze 1 cup distilled white vinegar Pour contents into shampooer tub and mix with hot water to fill tub completely. This will not only clean your carpets it will also deodorize. It will smell slightly of vinegar until the carpet is dry. Be sure to test spot with the solution just to be safe, however this should be safe for ALL carpets.


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