Cartilage Earring, tiny gemstone gold hoop, gold cartilage Hoop Earrings, 14K Gold Filled, tiny hoops on Wanelo

Gold Heart Cartilage Hoop Earring Daith Ring A single heart shaped Cartilage Hoop made of 14k yellow gold filled. Available in four different gauges; 20, 19, 18, or 16 gauge. The ends are both fine finished and they are polished to a nice shiny finish. new england jewelry designs Jewelry Earrings

Rose Gold silver beaded cartilage hoop A simple, single cartilage hoop made of 14k rose gold filled with a silver bead. The hoop comes a standard size of 9 mm but can be made any size you want. Jewelry Earrings

These minimalist and modern cartilage hoops are made from thin 22 gauge 14K Gold Filled wire, and are hand forged by me. They would also work as

Sterling Silver Conch / Helix / Cartilage Hoop Ring piercing, Beaded Helix Hoop, Helix Jewelry, Opal conch , conch jewelry

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