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One of my biggest pet peeves and downright rude...someone not acknowledging you when you say hello!! #rude #hello #petpeeve

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Cashier problems. Omfg I hate that! STFU and let me do my shitty job for min wage.

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21 Struggles Every Cashier Will Recognize

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25 Pictures That Sum Up Being A Cashier

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Cashier problems. Even better, "you look bored!" No asshole, I get paid to stand here.

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The Friendly Cashier. Seriously happens 90% of the time. The 10% are the ones who actually did print it that morning..

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25 Pictures That Will Give Retail Workers Intense Flashbacks

On keeping it real: I can't stop laughing at how true this post is!

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YEEEEESSSS! Here's my fav. I can't find so and so. I show them "oh my goodness had that been a snake itta bit me." Ugh whatever lol t.b

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25 Pictures That Sum Up Being A Cashier

When a customer asks to see the manager and the manager tells them exactly what you already said.

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