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This week the cast of Green Lantern: The Animated Series discussed their characters and a few plot details in a behind-the-scenes featurette posted by USA Today. In the video, actors Josh Keaton (Hal Jordan), Kevin Michael Richardson (Kilowog) and Grey DeLisle (Aya) share how they create their characters’ voices, and the accompanying article features details about the show from series producer Giancarlo Volpe.

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Warner Bros. Want Bradley Cooper Ryan Reynolds And Tom Cruise For Green Lantern Corps Warner Bros. is eyeing Ryan Reynolds Tom Cruise Bradley Cooper and more for the role of Hal Jordan inGreen Lantern Corps. The full shortlist is said to consist of the aforementioned three actors along with Armie Hammer Joel McHale and Jake Gyllenhaal. No word yet on who the frontrunners are but this isdefinitely exciting news especially as Reynolds may get another shot at playing the character after the…

Armie Hammer Denies Green Lantern Corps Rumours Warner Bros. has kept suspiciously quiet about Green Lantern Corps. A few weeks back we heard that the movie had picked up two writers in the form of David Goyer and Justin Rhodes. That didnt sit terribly well with fans but then came a reported shortlist of who Warner Bros. were eyeing for the role of Hal Jordan. Boasting names like Armie Hammer Tom Cruise Ryan Reynolds and more it caused quite a stir on the internet and excitement in the…

THE TOKAPI LAMP ~ These lanterns are created by blowing a ball of molten glass into a decorative cast metal cage. The semi-molten glass protrudes slightly through each aperture to create an attractive "quilted" appearance.

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Featuring a brand-new DC Universe story with sharp dialogue and humorous voice acting, players are given complete freedom to explore Gotham as a glittering cast of DC superheroes including Superman, Wonderwoman or the Flash. Wield super powers, abilities and gadgets including Superman’s strength, Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso and Green Lantern’s Power Ring.

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