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Cast Of Sandlot 2


‘The Sandlot’ cast members reunite 20 years later at the actual sandlot

‘The Sandlot’ cast members reunite 20 years later at the actual sandlot | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports


Mike Vitar NOW:In ‘Sandlot,’ Vitar’s character takes his baseball skills all the way to the big leagues and the Los Angeles Dodgers. In real life,Vitar also stayed in Los Angeles. But he chose a nobler — if less well-paid — profession: the 33-year-old has been a firefighter for the LAFD since 2002.

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Mighty Ducks cast reunites to form the ‘Flying V’

The Quack Attack is back, Jack! In what is possibly the greatest cast reunion of all-time, the stars of D2: The Mighty Ducks came together and reminded us all of why we loved the film 20 years ago. While this time it was not led by Jesse Hall, they still lined up and formed a […]

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'The Sandlot' cast talks reuniting after 20 years, James Earl Jones and more

After 20 years, "The Sandlot" crew is back together. As the cast prepares for the last stop on their 20th anniversary baseball park tour, they talk to Zap2it about just why the movie is so special.


A comienzos de los años 60 Scotty Smalls, un alumno de quinto, se traslada a una nueva ciudad con sus padres. Los chavales le llaman memo por no saber lanzar una pelota de béisbol. Pero todo cambia cuando el líder de la pandilla del barrio le pide que juegue con ellos en el descampado. Es el comienzo de un verano mágico de béisbol, aventuras desenfrenadas, primeros besos y confrontaciones aterradoras con la espeluznante bestia y su dueño el vecino del descampado donde juegan.