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Ghibli: Castle in the Sky. My prize of "Oldest Animated Movie Dubbed" goes to this one. I PRACTICALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CASTLE!!! Miyazaki Hayao is a brilliant man. Genius.

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Castles in the sky by Ian can Dahl (my coming out anthem!) just came on and oh the memories were a tsunami of awesome emotions and smells! This poster is an epic homage to awesomeness from a youthful time in my life when I felt alone yet empowered and free!

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Castle in the Sky is a 1986 Japanese animated adventure film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and is also the first film produced and released by Studio Ghibli.

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Laputa: Castle in the Sky - kidnapped but escaped...brave because she dodges the bad guys. Keeps a secret well and puts her friend;s safety first....she tries to find the castle in the sky and do whats right even though it is dangerous.

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Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky. He has such beautiful animations. I love this movie.

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