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Cat Birth

Our most popular baby book makes a wonderful gift for new parents with plenty of room for photos and other valuable items. Features the babys name, date of birth, and much more. $15.95 Personalized Baby Books

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25 Pictures That Will Make Your Day A Little Cuter

This was probably a mistake. @Kerry Aar Aar Lyn Essig

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16 Reasons Why Baby Aardvarks Are The Most Conflicting Animals Ever

Born pink, bald – and alone. Zawadi was abandoned just hours after his birth at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Fl. The animal experts at the park stepped in after they noticed mommy Aardvark wasn’t really ready to join the leagues of parenthood. Zawadi is one of only 35 Aardvarks in zoos across North America.

Sorrel is a species of the hibiscus plant and is made into an herbal iced drink in season at Christmas time.


How to Build a Cat Birthing Box

How to Build a Cat Birthing Box. Have a pregnant cat? A lot of people don't know that cats need a dark enclosed space to feel safer. Make a nesting box so mama kitty is less likely to hide her kittens in dangerous or in reachable places around the house.


Lily was rescued while pregnant then gave birth to 3 kittens while staying at the shelter. Her Story was filmed and broadcasted on Animal Planets Too Cute along with her 3 kittens. Vote right meow! #365Cats #petsofpageaday #CatsofInstagram #Catstagram #Cat #Kitty #InstaCat #Instagood #InstaPet #PetLovers #ilovemycat #crazycatlady #mycat #cutecat #catlover #catoftheday #petcontest #photocontest #contest #catcontest

If your cat becomes pregnant, you'll need to know the stages of pregnancy, how to prepare for birth and care during and after the birth of kittens. | My Cat is Pregnant: What Can I Expect?