Triple Catwalk - Probably over $400 -an educated guess given similar just below that, & their text (& price) got truncated (out of view).

A Very Fancy and Elaborate Cat Lounge Structure! Like the middle part in front of the window. Not the greatest view for us, but cats like it:)

This is freaking amazing! That last part is weird though

Tuxedo Cats

ceiling furniture means doesnt take up space on the floor, but then maybe you need high ceiling for it. plus not all owners will want cats jumping on them from up high and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Cat Jungle Gym - super cute way to use the blank wall along a staircase for your feline pet.

Cat play rooms full of kitten toys, cat trees and cat wall shelves. all the diy cat stuff a "Crazy Cat Lady" and his/her feline friends could ever want.

I'd love to have this.Though my husband is allergic to cats, I still love them and would love to have this.

Unbelievable Cat-friendly House Design from Japan

Cat walk beams that built in open air space. Cat steps that goes up to the cat walk. Cat house under the bathroom sink. Cat door in every do.

Huge" Jungle GYM Cat Tree Furniture Cando Bed House Pet Scratcher Post

The 20 Best Cat Towers

The 20 Best Cat Towers.i like the one displayed minus the pointy castle cones.

Centros de Recreo para Gatos Somos SLEEPETS™ La Marca que consiente a tu mascota. Contáctenos y cotice con nosotros!

15 Incredible Cat Adventure Playgrounds & Their Ungrateful Residents - Yahoo Style UK

Diy cat ladder. This Cat Jungle Gym Will Have Your Feline On Cloud Nine

This Cat Jungle Gym Will Have Your Feline On Cloud Nine

this is purr-fect DIY cat ladder fort and scratch toy cats

It Looks Like A Bookshelf. When I See The Rest Of The Wall? My Cat Would LOVE This!  Posted from

Creative Cat Adventure Wall Is The Perfect Pet-Friendly Home Addition

It Looks Like A Bookshelf. When I See The Rest Of The Wall? My Cat Would LOVE This! Posted from

diy cat tree | Here are some examples of kitty jungle gyms we designed and built

28*6cm Bird Shape Plush Dog Toy for Small Dogs or Cats

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

The Cat Jungle Gym, Heavy Duty Cordura Fabric, choice of colors

Armarkat Cat Jungle Gym Pet Furniture Condo Scratcher with Faux Fur |

Classic Cat Tree in Dark Beige - Premium Cat Tree for Large Cats and Kittens, Cat Furniture Bundles with Scratching Post and Tunnels, Cheap Cat Trees and Condos with 6 Months Warranty

7th Heaven Cat Furniture - quality cat furniture, cat trees, cat condos, scratch posts, kitty gyms, scratching furniture.

Domestic Delivery Animal Pet Cat Toys Puppy Cat House Cat Tree Pet Training Toy Hanging Balls Scratching Board Condo Furniture

Majestic Pet Products Kitty Cat Jungle Gym Cat Tree is covered in designer carpet. This Kitty Cat Furniture features four lounging areas for your cat or kittens long afternoon naps. Also included

Wow...check out the feline jungle gyms this guy makes.

This Guy Makes The Most Awesome Feline Jungle Gym We've Ever Seen - OhGizmo!