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I'm not the biggest cat fan but I recently inherited a cat so to speak, with that I mean this really pretty calico cat which I named her Cali for short...anyway she stops by every single day for food & a warm place to sleep. Now she has made the back porch her permanent residence & I have grown very fond of her now, but she comes up to me as if she thinks she is my cat. Always wanting to be petted or fed. She likes to rub her head on my leg all the while purring or meowing away. She is the…

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...enjoy this mouse I caught for you <3 - A Mother's Day poem from the Cat

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Rainbow Bridge Cats | PM-Cat Pet Heaven Cat's Rainbow Bridge Poem - Hope After Pet Loss Cat ...

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Elvis, my little face - my little soul mate. I loved you from the day we met - and I always will.

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Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—"Copy Cat" Poem with Orff Instruments - YouTube

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