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A Fisherman's Guide to Catching Catfish in Lakes

It is no surprise that we humans love our fish. We have been eating fish as part of our diet for more than five million years. Today, there are hundreds of different varieties of fish and even more ways to prepare them, making fish nearly irresistible for a seafood connoisseur.


Few things in the world are better for catching catfish than fresh caught cut bait, especially shad. For more information about catfish baits and techniques check out


Top 12 Channel Catfish Tips: Start catching more channel catfish right now with these tips!


If you are looking for tips on catching catfish you have made it to the right place. This article has the biggest list of tips I have seen with a staggering 181 tips to help you catch catfish. With descriptions of different species and how to tell them apart and even how good is …

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How to Build A Catfish Bait Chum Dispenser

Fishing Tips & Tricks: How To Make A PVC Chum Dispenser Tube. Ideas for catching catfish. Survival Guide and Prepping Ideas | Survival Life |

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Here's How To Make The Most Delicious Catfish In The World.

The Most Delicious Catfish You Will Ever Eat. Yes indeed. If you want to make the most delicious catfish in the world then you need to click the photo and check out my wonderful recipe for beer battered catfish and a whole lot more.