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Here is one approach (method) of an off the grid  rainwater catchment system and underground storage to supply an off the grid cabin with water. By burying it underground the earth will warm it enough to avoid freezing. System size needs to be determined by square footage of roof catchment area, annual rainfall & water …


Customer in Arkansas first to put an 84" RainSaucer on a 270 gallon IBC Tote. This setup is uphill from the home. She plans on feeding it to a small water tower near the garden for easy irrigation.


Permeable paver systems are a tool needed to be used to reduce environmental impact in a number of critical ways. Paved surfaces contribute to runoff, erosion, water pollution, water shortages and even adverse human health effects. When used correctly, permeable pavers create areas usable for auto and foot traffic where water soaks directly into the ground instead of running off the surface into drainage systems, retention basins or another outlet.


Soakage. Lena Pwerle. Coo-ee Aboriginal Art. synthetic polymer paint on belgian linen. 90x148cm. 2009. Water catchment area which can be more productive in an arid landscape. Water collects and slowly flows and forms a watercourse that replenishes the significant soakage called Alalgura in Utopia. The random dot work shows that rain has fallen. We see the sporadic profusion of plants in different stages of maturity…


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