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How to Make Great Catfish Bait With Bacon Grease

Making your own catfish bait is a cost-saving alternative to purchasing expensive commercial baits. Catfish are bottom feeders and are not picky eaters. This makes catfish bait a recipe that is easy to complete in your kitchen. Using bacon grease and other simple ingredients, you can make a great catfish bait. Homemade baits, flavored with meat...


Here’s a great catfish bait you can keep secret from your friends that requires no mixing, stirring or gagging. Buy a bottle of anise extract, which smells like licorice, in the spice and extract section of your supermarket. All catfish love this stuff. When you get to the lake or river, pour a little in a plastic container and drop in a sponge hook. Let the sponge absorb the extract, then cast it to a spot where a hungry catfish is likely to be waiting for dinner. Grip your rod tightly. If…


Great for cat fishing with multiple hooks on the same line. For more information on catfishing rigs checkout