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Catholic Confirmation

The 5 Spiritual Effects of the Sacrament of Confirmation

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Catholic Confirmation Quiz Download - Manuscript and cursive copywork worksheets. Baltimore Catechism help for your class!

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What Happens at the Rite of Confirmation: The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Explained

If you've received the Sacrament of ‪Confirmation‬, you have these seven supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. Remember whose you are!

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Yeah, really: where on earth did anyone ever get the idea that after Confirmation, they're "done"? One of the most insidious practices I've seen is ANY treatment of the Sacraments as "achievements," bureaucratic hoops, or some sort of "Catholic graduation." It's insidious for its subtlety. We go broader and deeper in the Divine-- and Sacramental-- Life as we enter into the Sacred Mysteries. But it's not something that we can somehow "graduate from." That idea is nonsense.

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