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If you spend all your time complaining about welfare programs while ignoring subsidizing of companies that exploit tax loopholes, you might be an a--hole. Most people on food stamps need them. It is temporary, it is their last resort, and it is their lifeline until they get back on their feet. They don't WANT to be on food stamps. It is humiliating. Stop punishing hard working people.

“Americans Want Less Military Intervention Not More” - - Clinton makes a victory lap in Libya as the country heads into years of civil war. My friend Cato Institute’s Chris Preble brings realism and restraint to America’s foreign policy discussion. Several recent reports suggest that the foreign policy establishment here in DC is looking forward to Bar...

New Cato Institute Study Shows How Private Gun Ownership Reduces Crime, Saves Lives: Even During Putative President Obama's Illegal Executive Orders.

How to Fix Our Health Care and Cut Taxes - - Bill Clinton famously lamented during Hillary’s campaign that sick enrollees are seeing “their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.” Even proponents of Obamacare admit that it is in a death spiral. But as Michael F. Cannon, director of health policy studies at the Cato Institute, writ...

"If someone chooses the inaction of non-vaccination based upon the belief-right or wrong-that the vaccination is harmful or even life threatening, then coercive vaccination in this context is clearly a case of aggression. For it to be otherwise requires certainty that those beliefs are wrong. And certainty in this case is not possible. How can you be sure, for example, that a child won’t have an adverse or even fatal reaction to a vaccine?"

from Washingtonian

The Battle for the Cato Institute

The Battle for the Cato Institute ~ Charles Koch and Ed Crane were once allies in the libertarian movement. Now the former friends are facing off in a fight for control of Cato, the think tank they founded together 35 years ago.

Trouble in the LA Jail System The deputy described beating inmates unprovoked, slapping them, shooting them with a Taser gun and aggressively searching them to pick a fight — something he learned “on the job.” He would huddle with other jail guards to get their stories straight and write up reports with bogus scenarios justifying the brutality.