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Nashville, TN - Domestic Mediumhair. Meet Bart, a cat for adoption.


SHOCKTOP - A1088967 - - Manhattan *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/11/16 *** SCINTILLATING SEPTET NEEDS OUR HELP TONIGHT!!….Ranging between 4 years old and 11 years old these seven sweeties are only part of a group of cats from a hoarding situation…..Some are New Hope and some are publicly adoptable but Experience rated…..they are all scared. They are mostly fixed but HEINEKEN & SAM ADAMS are not……BLUE MOON only has one tooth, bless her….Bad


KINGSLEY - A1087319 - - Manhattan *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/07/16 *** BODACIOUS BOMBAY BOY NEEDS YOU TONIGHT!!…..KINGSLEY was not well liked by the neighbors, people who sound like they have too much time on their hands…..Spouting things like he was getting cats pregnant and that he was sick (he’s not), they decided to dump him at the ACC…..KINGSLEY has an awesome AVERAGE rating and he is only two years old. He is very handsome and nice and would make


Philadelphia, PA - Domestic Shorthair. Meet *Waldo*, a cat for adoption. Facts…

Pictures of Molly a Domestic Mediumhair for adoption in Waynesville, NC who…

Asheville, NC - Domestic Shorthair. Meet Hallie, a cat for adoption…

Homewood, AL - Domestic Longhair. Meet Malibu, a cat for adoption.


Cherry Hill, NJ - Domestic Shorthair. Meet Miss Besley, a kitten for adoption……


PUFFY - A1087857 - - Brooklyn *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/02/16 *** PUFFY ENJOYS BACK RUBS (except by the ACC)……PUFFY is a mellow, fun, NEUTERED twelve year old who had a happy family life and a cat pal TINY (not listed). After twelve years of that happy family life, someone developed Allergies to both cats…amazing how that happens and also how no one ever takes allergy meds instead of abandoning their cats! PUFFY likes to eat, sleep and play and he interacts


HAILEY - A1086180 - - Brooklyn *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/04/16 *** HELLOOO HAILEY!! Apparently someone left this little doll in a carrier on the street and a person found her and brought her to the ACC. HAILEY only took a little while to warm up and then started the head butting…..She is two years old and already SPAYED. Check out her come hither stare in her photo!! We would love to talk more about the person who abandoned her and the ACC for listing her for a cold, bu