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Catwoman Full Movie

The 2004 Catwoman film was also a movie with really high expectations from as it was the first catwoman (played by Halle Berry) standalone film in contrast to her only appearances in the other batman film. Overall the film was a letdown as the story, action sequences, backstories and supporting characters were really weak.


Anne Hathaway Wants to Return as Catwoman in a Future DC Movie

Anne Hathaway Wants to Return as Catwoman in a Future DC Movie -- Anne Hathaway says she would love to play Catwoman again if Christopher Nolan was somehow involved. --

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Cara Delevingne looks fabulous in full-length velvet catsuit

Meow: Cara Del seemed to be channeling Catwoman as she strolled the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday


Badly Written Spin-offs (Not Gender) Killed Female Superhero Movies s By The Bitter Script Reader May 22, 2014


The Avengers. 1998. Not the 2012 one. This is the one that sucks. This poster of Uma is its one saving grace. Oddly enough, wearing about the same outfit as Scarlet Johanssen in the 2012 movie.

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Why won’t cinema embrace female superheroes?

Meagan Marie ( from her FB page) “Hollywood likes to point to the failures of Supergirl, Elektra and Catwoman as proof that superhero films with a female lead can't be successful.” says Tamblyn. “The problem is not that these films had a female or male lead, it's that they were just plain bad movies.” Sigh. Someday I'll get a WW movie. Someday