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Students love to be recognized for bring good. This is a great way for substitute teachers to show not only the regular classroom teacher but the student's parents as well just how great they were and what they did on a particular day.


I want to use these like I used to use "Caught Being Good" tickets. I might also write, "Habit: 1, 2, 3...7" so I can circle which habit. However, it might be easier to keep it general! Or, I could circle the number and the kids could have a 7 habits "BINGO" board and get a reward when all are filled.


This download contains raffle tickets for "Caught Being Good." Each ticket has a number on the ticket AND the stub so that each student who receive...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Banishing Bad Behavior in February: We Love to Be Caught Being Good

Apple A Day's-We Love to Be Caught Being Good! Overview: This packet is February’s edition to Apple A Day’s monthly behavior management system designed to ensure positive behavior throughout the school year. Only $5.00 on TPT!

positive reinforcement rewarding kids that are doing what is expected often times motivates the other kids in the class to do the same. here's a visual/tactile way to reward those students to encourage the others. Create a "Caught Ya Being Good" Jar that sits in the front of the classroom or in your home. Make it big enough for the kids to see as a reminder throughout the day.