Quote of my moment, here & now, this is it. It's so complicated, & I don't expect anyone to truly understand what we went through as a couple, seeing each other at rock bottom, caught up in our own demise, having to pull through that, & out of it, together, & being strong for each other, before we were officially together, how we got to that point & everyone we hurt in that time...& what we are going through now, in which I'm truly the only one getting hurt because she doesn't KNOW ANYTHING…

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This could not be a truer statement. You're caught stealing. Then, instead of doing the right thing and admit what you did, you start blaming other people - because nothing is ever your fault. EVER. The mistakes don't make you a bad person ... the fact you don't own what you do and you try to drag others to your level does.

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"Caught Out There" by Kelis is this week's Throwback Thursday track of the week check it out at "I'm Just Saying."

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And this is why I hate liars because I hate cowards and thieves and murderers and slanderous whore people. You only take take take and never ever give. You're such a pretentious hater. Please get help immediately!

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So who does he really love?? Sure isn't you. He made his decision and like i knew he would he chose me.

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I miss you... I wish I could hear your voice... I see you in everything I do... I can't help it I may say things but it'll never change the fact that you'll always be in my heart nothing can ever change that... I miss you Monica and I hope your doing okay because I wish you nothing but the best....

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