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The Neuroscience of How Personal Attacks Shut Down Critical Thinking

Stumbled across a website full of information on neuroscience and how tone / style impacts the ability of people you communicate with to use critical thinking skills.


Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom.--"Warning cards" Love these! Can we use at home too? :-) - in-the-corner


Is ADD/ADHD Genetic? Genes as a Cause of ADD/ADHD

Home > Attention Deficit > ADD Basics Is ADD/ADHD Genetic? Genes as a Cause of ADD/ADHD Can scientists crack the genetic code of ADHD? Can doctors wipe it out of a family tree? An explanation of ADD genetic research... by Maximilian Muenke, Ph.D., Kate Berg, Ph.D.

ADD ADHD Rocks! Or Does It Suck? — ADD Tip O the Day 643

Guest author names 9 Positive Virtues of having ADHD, while blogger Doug Puryear adds his own commentary in italics. "3) We hyper-focus on the stuff we find interesting. Yes, and we can be very productive. - Doug's comment: But I don’t have much control over when or what I hyperfocus on or when I unhyperfocus, so it can be a problem."


Understanding My Behavior and Self Monitoring

This form would be good for self-management because the student has to mark specific behaviors they have or have not performed. This will in turn motivate them to perform these behaviors in order to get their reward.


My Child Was Just Diagnosed With ADHD. Now What?

Impulse control. Time management. Sleep. Screen time can cause issues in all these areas for kids who have #ADHD. Here are some ways to address these common trouble spots.


Pancreatic cancer breakthrough funded by T.J. Martell Foundation! National Cancer Institute Report: T.J. Martell supported Principle Investigator, Dr. Daniel Haber and his team at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, identified a potential treatment target in the fight against Pancreatic Cancer.


What Are the Signs of ADHD in Girls?

Causes of ADHD in girls manifests differently than boys and could be completely missed all together.