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Causes Of Flood

Steam locomotive showing its teeth going through the rough flood cause by the heaviest rain of the season Boston 1915 photo by Leslie Jones

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Venice's Acqua Alta: A Survival Guide

Unfortunately, acqua alta (literally high water, or flooding) is part of daily life in Venice... at least some times of the year! Here's why it happens, how locals deal with it, and why it's getting worse.


How To Make Royal Icing For Piping & Flooding

royal for flooding: mixing with the water will most likely cause many air bubbles in the icing, so it is always good to cover up the icing and let it “rest” for 30 min. Then give it a slow stir and you have reduced the amount of air bubbles in your icing.


Reflection of the Buddha image by Too Ratana-u-bol The flood in Thailand in October 2011 though caused so much trouble to the country but somehow, it has made an amazing reflection on the water at this renowned Wat Mahadhat in Ayuthaya, Camera: Canon 7D Focal Length: 24mm Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec Aperture: f/5.6 ISO/Film: 640 Taken November 10th 2011


Ashulia, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Lone tree standing strong amid the flooded landscape. This tree somehow had managed to survive the brickfields in the backgound (partially submerged too) which are viewed as another root cause of massive deforestation in the last few decades - Stop Deforestation - Ecology - Environment

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Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana

Mark Buchert from the Louisiana State Animal Response Team gets a lick from a dog he helped rescue from flood waters on August 15, 2016 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Record-breaking rains pelted Louisiana over the weekend leaving the city with historic levels of flooding that have caused at least seven deaths and damaged thousands of homes.


How To Make Royal Icing For Piping & Flooding

Flooding Royal Icing: per my pinning friend: this is a great, no fail royal icing. Also tells how to make it piping consistency & other tips for using & making RI.


WHAT CAUSES FOSSILS? Think about it, normally when a creature dies it will decompose or be eaten by scavengers. In order for a fossil to form it would have to be rapidly buried. Massive fossil graveyards point to a global catastrophe that killed creatures by the millions without destroying their bodies. The presence of these fossils is proof of the Great Flood in Noah's day (Genesis 6-8).


Job 38:33 Do you know the laws governing the heavens, Or can you impose their authority on the earth? 34 Can you raise your voice to the clouds To cause a flood of water to cover you? 35 Can you send out lightning bolts? Will they come and say to you, ‘Here we are!’ 36 Who put wisdom within the clouds Or gave understanding to the sky phenomenon? 37 Who is wise enough to count the clouds, Or who can tip over the water jars of heaven 38 When the dust pours into a mass And the clods of e